Rules & Regulations

ARTICLE 1 : Our great wall trail is open to everyone, walkers, runners & attendants with races between 7 to 13 Miles. Walkers will do the same distance as runners starting earlier or slightly shorter distances. Attendants can if they wish to do so, help the organizers. Besides the athletic purpose, our trail allows a cultural discovery of china and its people. The Great wall trail is enhanced by openness friendship & the respect of the environment.

ARTICLE 2 : races are in self-sufficiency. All participants must carry a flask of water and a whistle. Water is provided at the start and finish line only. There won’t be any food supplies along the run.

ARTICLE 3 : Each participant must provide a medical certificate for running with no counter-argument to participate to our Great Wall trail. Certificate to be able to run without any contraindication.

ARTICLE 4 : CONTRASTES RUNNING learned form past years that for safety, climatic conditions or technical reasons, a race could be modified or cancelled. We would like to remind you that all races are ran on a « wild ground » not much visited, with no immediate assistance. Each participant must follow our instructions and will be the only responsible for his safety. Due to technical or climatic conditions, a race can be cancelled or modified.

ARTICLE 5 : Organizers can prevent someone to participate at races if medical assistance says he can’t because of bad physical condition.

ARTICLE 6 : Management reserves the right to switch a runner to walkers status if there is any danger towards himself/herself during the race.

ARTICLE 7 : For all missed checkpoints and markers, the participant will receive half an hour penalty.

ARTICLE 8 : If someone throws bottle, plastic or piece of garbage on the race, he will receive an hour penalty.

ARTICLE 9 : All races are timed. Direction reserves the right to set up transit times at some checkpoints. If someone doesn’t finish within time limit, he may have to stop the race and his time will be of 6 hours.

ARTICLE 10 : Daily rankings for men & women are individual for runners. Final ranking to be calculated after the last race. No ranking for walkers.

ARTICLE 11 : Each participant authorized the dissemination of photos or videos in which he may appear for media coverage.

ARTICLE 12 : Management is not responsible for any health issues occurring during the trip. Each participant won’t take any legal action or assert compensation towards the organizers & sponsors if anything was to happen during his/her journey.